Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Time To Take Down The Flag

I rarely post full text that someone else wrote, but this really connected with me. I applaud this writer for saying so eloquently what I have been feeling for a long, long time.

NanceGreggs's Journal: Nance Rants
It's Time to Take Down The Flag

In view of what we have seen and heard for the past few years, and especially in the last few months, it is time for all of you who still support George W. Bush and this Administration to take down your American flags. Remove them from your front porch, from the flagpole on the lawn. Pack away your stars-and-stripes T-shirts, and remove the flag-pins from your lapels.

The proud display of the American flag is meant for the patriotic, for those who love their country.

This president has plunged our beloved nation into unconscionable debt, and compromised its security for the sake of corporations and their bottom line. He has steadfastly looked the other way while American jobs have been irretrievably lost, and while citizens go without affordable medical care. He has stolen from the poor and working class by promoting the under-funding of their schools, their hospitals, and the social programs that feed and shelter the most unfortunate among us, and has ensured that those monies find their way into the pockets of the wealthy.

Time and again, he has turned his back on the victims of disaster, and left them to fend for themselves. He has destroyed a way of life that rewarded hard work, and that offered opportunity for all. He has lessened our country’s once-proud standing in the world, and has made a mockery of our laws, our rights, and our Constitution.

A true patriot doesn’t ignore the needs of the nation, nor its citizenry, and does not systematically revoke the very freedoms our democracy was founded upon. If you support the Bush regime, what it stands for, and what it has done, you are no patriot.

If you support this president, remove the “Support the Troops” stickers from your cars, and the symbolic Yellow Ribbons from your front doors. Those symbols are meant to represent care and concern for our military, both in battle and upon their return to the homefront. This president, and his fellow Republican Party members who control our government, have placed our troops in harm’s way for a lie, and have ignored their safety and well-being at every turn. They have initiated policies that gut our veterans’ benefits and pensions. They have sent our troops into combat without the most basic of equipment to protect themselves, and have ignored the consequences of placing the battle-fatigued, the sick, the psychologically and emotionally damaged on the front lines. They have handed the tax dollars meant to feed, equip and house our forces over to Administration cronies, who slip those funds into their own pockets and devote mere pennies to the needs of our fighting men and women.

If you support those kinds of policies and the people who promote them for their own political and/or financial gain, you do not support the troops. On the contrary, you speed their demise. Pretending to support the very troops you are dishonoring is not only hypocritical, it is an insult to their sacrifice.

If you support this president, remove the crosses you wear around your neck, the rosary beads strung over your rearview mirror, the crucifixes and prayer cards you display in your homes. Those revered signs of faith are reserved for Christians who honor the principles set forth by a man who taught love, tolerance and understanding. The present Administration and those who blindly follow it have not only condoned but embraced torture, unlawful imprisonment without hope of a fair hearing, secret prisons that exist only for the purpose of inflicting pain and suffering. In addition, they have engaged in the rendition of human beings to other countries where the most heinous conduct can be indulged in – apparently too cowardly themselves to the “dirty work” they claim to be necessary to make us all secure.

This president and his minions have made a mockery of the true Christian faith, and have spit in the face of those who adhere to its tenets. George Bush’s illegal and immoral war has caused thousands upon thousands of deaths of innocent men, women and children, and has turned such laudable principles as feeding the hungry and caring for the sick into trivialities unworthy of his attention. He has preyed upon the unsuspecting sheep by offering money and influence to their corrupt, money-grubbing pastors in exchange for leading their flocks to the altar of the polling stations, enticed by the Judas Goat of policies based on hatred, bigotry and intolerance.

If you have transferred your religious faith away from the teachings of a forgiving and merciful God, and placed it instead in a president who promotes violence and torture, you are not a Christian.

Once you have dispensed with displaying the symbols of true patriotism, troop support and Christianity, you are free to flaunt your “W” stickers, and all of the other pro-Bush, pro-Administration paraphernalia you are so fond of.

In fact, I would encourage you to do so. It’s always helpful to know who your real enemies are.

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