Sunday, June 4, 2006

Diving at La Jolla Shores

Saturday morning we were all up early and out at La Jolla Shores. Ric and Grant had to finish their last two dives for the Advanced Diver Certification, and Greg and I were there to help. The first dive was the Navigation Dive, and my job was to hold on to one end of the 100' tape. Not real exciting, but necessary so the students have reference points during their class.

The dive was uneventful for me, but I am still excited enough about SCUBA that I will take any chance to get into the water. And with my friends watching from the beach, we were able to (finally!) get photos of all four of us as we headed out.

Here we are, suited up and ready to get into the water.
And here we go, heading out.
And the fun part about beach diving, struggling through the surf. It wasn't too bad Saturday morning, but you are almost guaranteed a few good crashing waves.

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