Thursday, June 22, 2006

Better To Be Kind...

Ever hear a lyric to song, then find that you can't get it out of your head? And not in a horrid, annoying "Macarena" way. No, I am talking about hearing a line in a song and having it connect with you on such a personal, intimate level that you can't stop thinking about it. Ever have that kind of moment?

Well, I just did. I am listening to my Pandora radio stations, and an Amy Grant song came on called "Happy." It's a good song, simple, in which she talks about how happy she is in her relationship. But this chorus caught my attention, specifically the last line.

“I want to look behind your eyes
And gently brush the hair back from your face
Cos baby I just realized
That seeing you there in that light
It’s better to be kind than right.”

It's better to be kind than right. Hmmm. Those are big words for a guy like me, someone who has felt many times that being right is the only thing I have going for me. Maybe I didn't feel cool enough, or strong enough, or rich enough, or whatever. I could usually rely on my intellect and reason to provide me a way out.

But I'm not an insecure child, anymore. I am an adult, with a husband and family and friends who all care for me very much. So why do I have to be right all the time? (Or even think I am?) Maybe... sometimes... it's better to be kind than right.

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