Friday, June 2, 2006

And Finally, Friday...

This week has been extremely frustrating. I have been yelling at my computer screen every day, sometimes from reading the news and other times just from my job. But, today is Friday, and I can now look forward to a great weekend.

My friends Tim and Sue are visiting from Phoenix, and they brought their son, Devon. They are only here through Sunday, so we will have a pretty busy couple of days. Tomorrow morning I am diving with Ric and Grant, and then I am joining Tim and Sue and other friends for a 30 mile bike ride around Coronado Bay. Later, we will all meet back up at Cocina D. Sanchez, a delicious restaurant just up the street from our house.

We have no definite plans for Sunday, yet, but I imagine there will be some sightseeing and a trip to the beach. No matter what we do, it will be nice to hang out with friends and wind down from the week.

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