Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Yes, yes, yes... this is another post about me feeling and looking better. I know I sound like I am obsessed, but that's not it. The truth is, I have been overweight (obese, actually) for so many years that I stopped noticing how bad it was. I look back at old pictures and I think "damn, how did I let myself get that out of shape?"

Now, though, everyday is a chance to look and feel better, to treat myself better by eating right and being physically active. And since this blog - Falling Into Forty - is all about me, I think it's just fine to focus on my physical journey, too.

So, here is a picture Ric took of me this morning. I look at this and think two things. One, I feel good about how I look these days. Two, I know that things will keep getting better as long as I stay with the basics - eating healthier and remaining active.

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