Thursday, May 18, 2006

Welcome back to Election Hell

So less than a week back from vacation in the Land of Aloha, and I already am reminded how awful people are in the real world. With the election season just gearing up, we already have a possible winner for "Most Repulsive Thing Done To Win An Election."

A candidate for State Assembly in the central valley region of CA, Bill Conrad (R) is apparently running on the platform that his opponent won't survive his term because he had a heart transplant. Check out the direct mail piece that Bill "I am a complete and total asshole" Conrad is sending out:

Yes, folks, this is a fine "welcome back" to the reality of the upcoming elections. Hell, I would vote for the heart transplant recipient just because we at least know that HE has a heart. Bill Conrad? You, sir, are a fine representative of the Republican Party.

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