Monday, May 15, 2006

Hawaii - Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Today we were able to sleep in a bit, since our dive time was 11:00am. It felt good to lounge around, read the paper, and just enjoy being on vacation. We wandered down to the dive shop around 10:30, and spent the time chatting with the other divers. By 11:00, we were loading up the van and heading back to the boat.

We went back to Koko Crater for the first dive. It was not as full of life as before, but there were still so many things to see if you just looked carefully. And some things stood out a bit more, like this eel that swam right by in front of all of us before settling against the reef.

We were also diving with a boat full of beginners, so there was no deep or advanced diving. It was fun to dive again, but not one of our favorite days.

From there we went to Turtle Canyon, and we were surprised to find that there were no turtles in sight. It was disappointing for the beginners, since it was their first day in the ocean and they wanted to see something. Still, the fish and coral and colors were all incredible, and everyone that came up out of the water had a huge smile on their face.

Ric and I had an early dinner, than came back to the room. We put the photos on the laptop as a slideshow, and I fell asleep less than 10 minutes into it. Diving is completely exhausting. I woke up about 10pm, when Ric came back into the room with Coldstone ice cream. Yum. I ate a bit of the delicious mint chocolate chip, then drifted back to sleep. How lazy can one guy be?

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