Monday, May 15, 2006

Hawaii - Friday, May 5th, 2006

Ric and I, finally starting our vacation

The first day of vacation, and Ric and I were definitely ready to go. Greg gave us a ride to the airport and we drove up to see a big crowd at the skycap. We took the elevator upstairs and found there was no one in line at the counter for Hawaiian Airlines. Sweet. A few clicks on the "check yourself in" machine and we were on our way to security and to the gate. We grabbed breakfast at McDonald's and got to the gate just as they were calling our row. So far, so good. The plane ride was surprisingly quick for me, but Ric had trouble the first 3 hours getting comfortable. He finally slept the last two hours while I watched the movie. If you have not seen "Glory Road," go. Rent it. Buy it. It was the MOST incredible movie.

I also enjoyed two mai tai's on the flight, so I was definitely in the Aloha mood by the time the played arrived in Honolulu. Our friend Kurt picked us up in his jeep and gave us a ride to the hotel.

Our hotel, the Queen Kapiolani

We checked in - great room, by the way! - and it was off to Hula's next door.

The view from Hula's Bar and Lei Stand

Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we started the vacation with a shot of tequila, a Corona beer, and a margarita. Ugh. The rest of the night was a blur of cocktails, swaying palm trees, ocean breezes, and laughs. We met a couple of neat locals that led us around the different bars and restaurants, and finally called it a night. All and all, a fantastic start to a vacation.

Our first Waikiki sunset

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