Monday, May 22, 2006

Coronado Bay Bridge Run/Walk

Another Sunday morning, another chance to get outside and do something healthy. (And after being out at The Eagle with Ric until 2:00am, I definitely needed to do something good for myself.) I met my friends, Sonya and Jim, in the Gaslamp, and we were ready to go. Jim wanted to run the 4 miles, so he headed to the front and was gone. Sonya and I decided to enjoy ourselves, so we walked the whole time. It took us an hour and twenty-two minutes, but so what? We had a chance to walk across the Coronado Bay Bridge – and enjoy the scenery of Marines and Sailors running by us – which made for a great day! And as an added benefit, just for finishing, we each received a ticket to see the Padres play the Rockies on the 29th. How cool is that?

We took a couple of pictures with my camera, so I am posting those here. We also begged a stranger to take our photo with their nice camera, so I can hopefully post that here in the next day or so.

And is it just me, or do I look incredibly thin in my picture? Whoo-hoo! Working out and eating better are starting to pay off, baby!

Oh, yeah, one last thing...
I didn't really think when I got dressed in the morning. I grabbed a favorite shirt and comfy shorts and headed out. In hindsight, I can see that participating in a military function with a t-shirt that reads "My G.I. Joes are doin' it" was a rather ballsy thing to do. No one said anything to me, but I definitely noticed a lot of people taking second looks. (Hee hee.)

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