Monday, May 22, 2006

40 Things At 40

I know this is WAY early, since my birthday is not until January, but I spent a little time recently creating my list of forty things I want to do while I am 40 years old. I figure some things may require advanced planned - like running a marathon - so I want to make sure I am ready. And, if I should complete one of these things before my next birthday, I will just replace it with a new task or activity.

  1. attend Pride in a new city
  2. see a bullfight
  3. buy a new car
  4. take a classic road trip
  5. clean out my garage
  6. convert video tapes to DVD
  7. go to the Del Mar horse races
  8. find and play on park swings
  9. fly a kite
  10. get a merman tattoo
  11. go sailing
  12. go to a beach bonfire
  13. have a "hand-craft holiday ornaments" party
  14. take hot air balloon ride
  15. kayak La Jolla cove
  16. learn a magic trick
  17. make a birthday calendar
  18. play a song on the guitar
  19. purchase an original piece of art
  20. ride a bus
  21. ride a roller coaster
  22. ride Amtrak
  23. ride San Fran to Los Angeles on a bike
  24. ride the Palm Springs tram
  25. rock climb at Joshua Tree
  26. rollerblade the Silver Strand
  27. run a 5k in less than 30:00
  28. run the Las Vegas marathon
  29. experience the San Diego ghost tour
  30. see all five best picture nominees
  31. snow ski
  32. spend an afternoon in my hammock
  33. enjoy the stage trifecta: Old Globe, LJ Playhouse, Civic Theater
  34. swim naked in the ocean
  35. throw a clay pot
  36. try a trapeze class
  37. use my passport
  38. volunteer 40 hours
  39. wear a tuxedo

As always, any comments or thoughts are appreciated.

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