Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend Dives

This weekend found us all back at La Jolla Shores, as Grant completed his four required Open Water certification dives. The weather was overcast, and it looked like rain was coming, but the ocean was surprisingly calm. In fact, the other divers there called it "Lake La Jolla" because the surface was so flat. It sure made beach diving easier.

On Saturday, Ric and I joined Grant and our instructor, Joe. The kickouts felt long, but because of the surface conditions we made it out there pretty quickly. Grant completed his skills with no problem, then he and the instructor made their way back to the shore. Ric and I headed farther out, maxing out at 85 feet and cruising a bit along the wall. Visibility really cleared up below 45 feet, which made the dive even better.

On Sunday, Greg and I joined Grant and Joe. (Ric was home, enjoying his first day to sleep in.) We all kicked out together, but Greg and I were going deep. Before long, he and I were both sitting in cold, cold water 130 feet below the surface. That was my deepest dive, and definitely as deep as I need to be going until I complete my advanced Deep Diver class. I still can't believe I was thirteen stories below the surface of the sea. Wow.

And congratulations to Grant, who successfully completed all of his dives and is now a PADI certified Open Water diver. Catalina weekend dive trip, here we come!

And an amusing aside, at least to divers who have "been there"...
At 130 feet, Greg decided we should test for "narc'ing." In other words, how well were we dealing with the affect of depth on our minds. He held up fingers on both of his hands, and I was supposed to respond with the same number. He held up 4 fingers on one hand and 2 on the other. Well, traditionally, a dive instructor will always pick a number 5 or below, so the student can answer with one hand. When Greg held up 6, I wondered "hell, is he narc'ed?" I tried to answer 6, but I was fumbling with my dive light in my one hand and couldn't hold a 6th finger up. So now Greg thinks I am having problems, I think he is having problems, and we both have no way to sort it out at 130 feet. Ultimately, I just signaled to him to do it again. He held up 4 fingers, I replied with 4, and we were done with the test. We had a good laugh over it, though. All I kept thinking was, "there's no six in diving!"

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