Sunday, April 30, 2006

Urban Assault Race

Today my friend Nate and I competed in the San Diego Urban Assault Race. This is the event description from the website (

  • The Urban Assault Race™ is a combination of an Adventure Race, Scavenger Hunt and Bike Race. For the past 2 years, the event has been the biggest adventure race in the country! Sweet!
  • Teams of 2 race through the city to reach checkpoints where they perform fun physical and mental challenges. Racers can be ages 7 – 100 (anybody can do it!). Checkpoints are listed on the website before the race and racers pick their own course to the checkpoints, which can be reached in any order. The first team to complete all the checkpoint challenges and return to Start/Finish wins the race! Then the party begins!
  • The standard race distance is approximately 20 miles and includes up to 10 checkpoints plus the final challenge at the finish.

Twenty miles? Yeah, right. Here is a picture of our course. Keep in mind, you plot your own path, as long as you hit all the checkpoints. And it looks like we should have switched checkpoints 2 & 3, but the map is misleading. We really did take the most direct routes with the least amount of tracking back.

The races are held around the country, and the average distance is 20 miles. Our course ended up nearly 38 miles! We rode through Vista, Carlsbad, and Oceanside, up and down some incredible hills. Along the way, we also had to ride (a) adult size hippity hop horses, (b) oversized big wheels, and (c) combination skateboard/scooters, balance a wiffle ball on a board as we ran around a baseball diamond, and solve a brain teaser.

It was a tough race, but we had a great time. And here we are at the finish line!

Finally, a special thank you to Ric. More than once, Nate and I used my cell phone to call Ric and ask for directions. We felt like we were in The Matrix, calling the operator for a much needed exit.

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