Monday, April 10, 2006

Night Dive - Friday, Apr 7th

Friday evening was my first night dive. I was a bit nervous, imagining dropping down into pitch black water and not being able to see anything. Turns out, with the dive lights and improved water conditions, I had better visibility than during my last dive in the bay. We descended all the way to 85 feet, and the water was sure cold! It was like something out of a movie, following the dive leader’s green light. It cast a large, soft light in front of us, and swimming towards it made me feel almost like it was drawing me in. We cruised around a bit, until a couple of us were low on air. We surfaced about halfway back to shore, then kicked the rest of the way in. It was beautiful out, with calm seas and clear skies. With my vest inflated, I floated all the way in while staring up at the stars. It was a great end to a fantastic dive.

Another diver took this picture. This is the view kicking in and out of La Jolla Shores at night. Incredible, huh?

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