Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More noticeable results

The scale continues to move in the right direction (196.6 and counting down!), but this week I am noticing other benefits of working out and eating better. I picked up dry cleaning that we have not worn for a month or so, and I am happy to discover that my clothes are now fitting looser. In fact, a few of my pants were so tight that I could only wear them with a shirt that went outside the pants, as opposed to anything that should be worn tucked in.

This morning, though, I am wearing one of those pairs of pants, and my shirt is tucked in. That may not be a huge thing to anyone else, but to me it is a great reminder that good things come from a healthier lifestyle. Sure, being more physically fit and probably living longer are two of those things, but even more important is the chance to wear really cute outfits again.

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