Friday, March 10, 2006

Finally, Friday.

I barely made it to work this morning. I got up around 6:00am, showered, and puttered around online my normal morning. Afterwards, though, I crawled back into a very warm and comfortable bed. That was nearly my undoing. I began to drift back to sleep, relaxed and comfortable. Then I rolled over, saw the clock read 7:53, and realized the day was coming whether I wanted it to or not. Ugh.

Today would have been a perfect Mental Health Day. You know, the Ferris Buehler sort of day that is impulsive, fun, and irresponsible? Today could have been no should have been one of those. Instead of sitting here in my office, I could be in the jeep with Ric. We would run away to Julian for lunch and apple pie. Then we would wander farther out in East County and take the jeep off-roading. All and all, it should have been a fantastic day.

Instead, I am at work. I need to get my head around that fact, otherwise I will become a total grouch and be unpleasant all day. Its time to shift mental gears, deal with the next eight hours, and stop whining. And at the end of the day, I will have drinks with Brandy (good friend) and Chris (long-lost friend). That sounds like a great end to any day.

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