Friday, March 17, 2006

Eric and Levi

Some towns are lucky to get good musicians traveling through. Other towns are lucky to find any sort of gay entertainment. Living in San Diego, though, we often get both... talented musicians who are also gay. And last night was such an opportunity.

My long time music fave - Eric Himan - is on tour (still? again?) and made his way to town. And this time, he was here as part of the KnockOut Tour. Playing with him on the tour is a new musical discovery (new for me, anyway) named Levi Kreis. Wow. The show was incredible, and I am once again using my tiny spot on the big ol' internet for shameless fan adoration. If you can see either of these two in concert, get there. It's worth it, no matter how far you have to travel!

A shout-out to both Eric and Levi for a fantastic show. Hearing Eric sing Clyde live was a treat. Knowing he sang it because I shouted out for it is a fan's dream. And Levi? His show last night was a combination of trashy bar talk and Sunday morning church... a perfect mix, if you ask me. Check out Just This Good to hear this great singer. (But you have to hear Man Outta Me to really get a sense of his show.)

Thank you, gentlemen, for an incredible night. I can't wait to see both of you again, and I'll drag my friends along. Performers like you two deserve a much bigger audience!

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