Thursday, March 16, 2006

Deep down, I guess I'm still pretty shallow.

I know this bike ride is a fund-raiser, and the most important thing is raising as much money as possible to bring more services and education to San Diegans living with HIV/AIDS. So thinking of this as a personal contest is shallow and speaks of a petty person.

That said, I just realized that I am number three on the individual fund-raising list and Team Woofy is number one on the team list! Whoo-hoo!

Okay, enough celebrating. I am SO grateful and lucky that I have the coolest friends in my life. No matter what I ask of them, they continue to deliver above and beyond. Because of them, I get to see my name and our team name on the RIDE 4 AIDS website. Cool, huh?

Here I am, no. 3, and Team Woofy is no. 1!

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