Thursday, March 9, 2006

Clouds, Nitrox and Chris

Nothing specific to post this morning. Instead, here are three things that are on my mind

Rain is on the way this weekend, and it just feels like the perfect day to stay home and hibernate. Instead, I am stuck at the office in an increasingly foul mood. Ugh.

In the good news department, I finished my Enriched Air course last night. I have one more dive to make with my instructor, and I will be Nitrox Certified. That means I can go anywhere in the world and get enriched air from a dive shop. What is the benefit of Nitrox? It means I can dive for longer periods at a time. The mix is better for extended diving. (Okay, so it is not really stand up and cheer good news, but it is something on this yucky morning.)

And Friday is coming, and I will be having drinks with a long-lost Marine buddy. His name is Chris Brandt, and I have not seen him since the summer of 1991. Its weird when I think about it. I have not seen him for 15 years, and we only knew each other for two while in the Corps. Still, there is something about a Marine friend that is life-long. I am looking forward to this reunion, and I will definitely post an update about it. For now, I will focus on this good news instead of the rain and work.

And I now return to my workday, already in progress

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