Friday, February 3, 2006

One Step Closer

Yesterday was a very good day, indeed. I went back to the Dive Shop in the afternoon, for another attempt at completing my pool qualification dives. This time, I was able to clear with no problem, and I made it through all of the skills. Next up is a beach dive from La Jolla Shores tomorrow, then deeper water boat dives at the Coronado Islands on Sunday. And, my friends Nate and Bridgette have been taking SCUBA classes in Phoenix, and they are flying in to join us for the open water dives this weekend. How cool is that?

We are bringing cameras with us on the dives, so we should have some great pictures to post by Sunday night. I am a little nervous about this weekend, but I just need to stay calm, remember my training, and enjoy the experience. Wish me luck.

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