Friday, January 20, 2006

SCUBA Classes - Back to the pool

Last night was the second night of our SCUBA class, and it was all pool time. We learned how to load our gear - tanks, buoyancy compensator device, weights, and regulator. Then it was into the pool to get used to wearing everything and being underwater. Wow. It really is such an unusual feeling. I know I am underwater, but I am still breathing. Definitely takes some getting used to. The weirdest part for me was taking my mask off underwater while continuing to breath through the regulator. The air bubbles kept going up my nose, and it took me a moment to relax and continue to breath. No big worry, but I will have to demonstrate that skill while in the ocean next weekend. Yikes.

We are back in the classroom next Tuesday, and in the pool Thursday. Not sure what other skills we will have to master, but it will definitely be interesting. Whatever it takes to get that PADI certification, so I can dive in Hawaii in May! Whoo-hoo!

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