Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Ringing in the New Year

So it's now Tuesday morning, nearly 5:00am, and I am wide awake. It's been a long weekend with very little sleep, so it was good to be in bed last night at a decent hour. Friends from Arizona came over this weekend to help ring in the New Year, and I think we did it all up right. Friday night we started at The Flame, where Buck made sure we were all having a great time. So great, in fact, that Kurt overslept and ended up missing his plane to Hawaii. (Not that I didn't try to get him there on time... but my little car could only go so fast!)
Saturday, we headed down to the stadium for the Charger/Broncos game. The Chargers lost, and it rained like crazy the second half, but we didn't care. The food was yummy, there was plenty to snack on, and it was fun just hanging out in a parking lot jammed with other fans. AJ remarked that it was totally an American thing, because in Britain the opposing team fans could never be allowed to party so close to each other. I guess soccer hooligans can only sit with their own team fans, or they end up beating each other up. Go figure.
New Year's Eve was fairly uneventful. Everyone stayed home and watched The Interpreter, while Ric, Grant and Kurt went to The Eagle. I drove back down to ring in midnight with a champagne toast, but that was enough for me. Sunday, though, was a different story. I did make it to Balboa Park to run a 5k, then joined everyone at Hamburger Mary's for brunch. The champagne kept on coming, and we didn't leave until after 1:00pm. Believe me, three hours of a champagne brunch is plenty. From there, it was off to the Hotel Del Coronado for ice skating. The rink was wet and slippery - much more so than our skating earlier at Horton Plaza - but it was an adventure and we had a great time. From there, we went to Little Club, Ye Ould Sod, and Lou Jones Inn. (Yep, nothing but the classiest places for my friends.)
Monday morning we headed to Brians' for breakfast, then to Best Buy for some post-Christmas shopping. I finally got a new car stereo (whoo-hoo!), so no more crappy stock model for me. After that, we came home and lounged around, watching TV and enjoying the fire. I took everyone to the airport around 6:30, then Brooks came by for a bit after that. Once again, we managed to cram way more into a single weekend than should be humanly possible.
Here's to a great 2006!

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