Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Once again, into the blue...

So the results on last week's dives were mixed, to say the least. I was sidelined by sinus congestion, so I missed it all. I did go down to the beach Saturday morning to watch and lend a hand with gear, etc. Ric made the dives on Saturday, as did Greg, and they both said that it was a lot more work kicking out and diving near the shore than they expected. On Sunday, Greg and Ric headed out to the kelp beds. Ric made it to 60 feet, but his sinuses were blocked and he had to surface immediately. Greg was the only one of us to make it through all the training and the dives on time. Congrats, Greg, on the PADI certification!

Me, I have to go back to the pool this Thursday afternoon to finish my pool qualification. Then, if luck holds, we are trying again this coming weekend. Bridgette and Nate are coming in from Phoenix, and they will join me Saturday at the beach. Hopefully, we will all complete our first round of dives. And Sunday, Greg and Ric will join the three of us, and we will all be heading out to the Coronado Islands for three deeper water dives. Wish us all luck!

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