Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Long lost friends, lost no more

Back in August 2005, my old Marine Corps buddy Timmy Tighe tracked me down. He and I were both searching for each other, and we had been for years. But Tim was more persistent, and he found a presentation of mine posted on the web that included my contact information. A couple of emails and phone calls later, and we are once again an important part of each others' lives.

Besides Tim, I have spent years searching for Chris Brandt. I knew enough about him to start a search, but not enough current information to find him. It had been a very frustrating experience. Enter Timmy again. Yesterday he tracked down Chris' Mom in Sharon, Wisconsin. I called and spoke to her for a while, and she gave me Chris' cell phone number. Of course, it turns out that he lives in Vista, not 45 minutes from my house. And he works in downtown San Diego, not two miles from my office.

I caught up with Chris on the phone today, and it was so incredibly cool. I could write screen after screen about Chris as a friend, but I will sum it up this way: Chris Brandt was a true friend to me when I was most in need of one. He set a benchmark for friendship, and to this day I try to be the friend to others that he was to me. Yes, he was that important, and yes, he is that good of a person and a friend.

Alright. Enough of the emotional and maudlin. The point of this post is that I have found my friend, Chris. We are meeting Monday for lunch, and I have a strong feeling that I will be out of the office the rest of the afternoon. After all, we have fifteen years to catch up on. And the best part? Like Timmy, Chris is going to be back in my life to stay. And I believe Chris feels the same. It's funny, but today on the phone, he said, "I always knew we would cross paths again. It was just a matter of time."

Well, my friend, the time is now, and the times are good.

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