Thursday, January 12, 2006

Birthday plans

The countdown continues... only one more day until my birthday. And since this birthday is on a Friday, I have planned an entire weekend of events:
  • Friday at 11am, birthday kickoff lunch at The Local
  • Friday at 2pm, Mom flies in from Houston
  • Friday at 2:30pm, cake at the office
  • Friday at 3pm, Nate and Tim fly in from Phoenix
  • Friday... sometime, Andrea flies in from Atlanta
  • Friday at 5pm, cocktails at Top of the Park
  • Friday at 7:30pm, ice hockey with the San Diego Gulls
  • Friday at 10:30pm, drinks and dancing at The Flame
  • Saturday at 9am, breakfast with Mom
  • Saturday at 12:30pm, bowling
  • Saturday at 5:30pm, Karaoke/Game Night at home
  • Sunday at 11am, Drag Gospel Brunch at Lips
  • Sunday at 2pm, barbeque at The Hole

I know that is a lot to do for one weekend, but why the heck not? if my friends are up to it, and want to help me spend the weekend celebrating, who am I to say no?

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