Friday, December 9, 2005


Despite the recent news in my life, things seem pretty well back to normal. Perhaps I am in denial, and I will have to deal with the truth later. But for now, my life goes on. Ric and I continue to renovate the bathroom and redesign the bedroom, and still find time and room to welcome three house guests this weekend Nate (from Phoenix), and Jon and A.J. (Marines from Pendleton).

And just how busy will this weekend be?

o       Friday night, Gulls Ice Hockey
o       Saturday morning, 5k run through Balboa Park
o       Saturday afternoon, ice skating at Horton Plaza
o       Sunday evening, Holiday Boat Parade of Lights
o       Monday evening, Eric Himan in concert at The Center

Yep, life goes on. And barring any new revelations, this post will be my last mention of this subject. The man I believed to be my father is not. And no, I do not know who is. Now I just have to accept those facts and move on with my life.

Little boy, you’ll find your way home, because home is a place you make your own, and though you’ve lived here most of your life. Everything’s wrong, nothing feels right, nothing feels right….There you were stranded, where no one would ever look Youre knee-deep in trouble tonight, Praying for a change, cause today’s loss is tomorrows gain, You know it won’t always be this way.

Eric Himan, Stranded,

from the CD Dark Horse

Thumbcrown Records, 2005

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