Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sin City

This weekend finds me in Las Vegas, celebrating Ric's birthday. We flew in Thursday late afternoon, and had just enough time for a quick nap at the hotel before heading off to the MGM Grand to see Ka. It is the new Cirque de Soleil show, and it was incredible. Our seats were second row center, which turned out to be the first row. The front row was empty, because portions of the show came out literally into the audience. It was a great show and a fantastic way to kick off Ric's celebration.
Yesterday and today were lazy days - eating well, getting massages, sleeping in and doing not much else. It is a very cold 29 degrees here, so lounging around the pool is out of the question. The hot tub is a toasty 104, though, so that is working out just fine. Tonight we are off to The Eagle, then it's back home tomorrow afternoon. All and all, a very good trip. Happy Birthday, Ric!

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