Tuesday, December 6, 2005

From Crazy to Calm

Its weird how things in life go from crazy to mundane so quickly. Less than a week ago, my whole life turned upside down. Today, Tuesday, I am sitting at work trying to get through the next eight hours of escrow work. Routine, everyday stuff. And I sit here wondering just how important the DNA results are. The adult in me says that my life continues to go on just as before. I have a husband who loves me, friends I treasure, a great home, and a job I enjoy. Nothing has really changed. The flip side? The child in me feels like a huge void has just opened in my life. My biological father is a complete unknown to me.

Ric is trying to make it better, of course. I asked him, will you still love me now that I dont know who my father is? He replied, do you still love me even though you know my father? <grin>

I will get through this, I know. Its just a rollercoaster emotionally right now. And during the holiday season, too. Boy, not like that is always crazy enough, anyway.

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