Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas shopping? Huh?

Its Tuesday, December 20th, which means that I have less than five days to go before Christmas. And what thought crosses my mind today? I need to buy presents for people. Gee, really?

Im not sure why it never occurred to me before today that I needed to get presents for everyone for Christmas. I havent really been in the holiday mood, being so busy at the office and with the bathroom renovation. Still, I can hardly just blow off the whole thing. Ric and I are already receiving holiday cards, and we need to send cards in return. (Of course, we have managed to NOT do that for the last four years. Sad, huh?)

Alright then. Time for a plan. Ric and I are going to make a gift list this afternoon and do all of our shopping today after work. Naïve and optimistic, or determined and organized? Well see.

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