Sunday, December 4, 2005

And then everything changes...

This may be a bit too personal for a public blog, but what the hell? I am sure I am the only one reading this damn thing, anyway.
So, the results of a DNA test are back, and - with a probability of 99.857 percent - my brother and I are only half-siblings. Yep, that means that we share the same mother, but not the same father. James Hulsey is not my father. Wow, that's a pretty huge thing to find out at 38 years old.
Now what? It seems from our discussions so far that my mom either doesn't know or won't tell me who my real father is. God, could I be any more the stereotype and cliche? Ric keeps telling me that it doesn't matter, that he knows exactly who I am and that he loves me no matter what. I believe that, and I know it is the truth. Still, I can't help but feel like a huge void has just opened up in my life.

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