Sunday, December 4, 2005

And life goes on... The Bangles in concert!

So just hours after finding out about my father, I was off to the House of Blues to see The Bangles in concert. It felt a bit weird to be out partying with friends after news like that, but what the heck? Life goes on.
And back to The Bangles. Wow. They sound and look great, and what an amazing show! Midway through the show, I heard some guy behind me say, "I didn't realize they had so many hits." And they really did. They played Walk Like An Egyptian, Manic Monday, Hazy Shade of Winter, Eternal Flame, Going Down To Liverpool, In Your Room, If She Knew What She Wants.... all cool songs that the crowd remembered.
After the show, though, things got a bit not-so-great. I rode home with a couple friends, and the three of us spent a little time on the street, at the corner of Drunk and Emotional. I was still dealing with the DNA test results, and my two friends had some emotional churn of their own. One minute things are fine, and the next we are standing in the rain fighting about crap that doesn't mean a thing in the grand scheme. Damn it. Later, we all managed to sort it all out - more or less - and things were okay when they left for home. I think.

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