Monday, December 12, 2005

A Wild Time, Indeed

After ice skating at Horton and dessert at Claire de Lune's, we headed home for a quiet night in front of the TV. Instead, we got a phone call from Ric saying that the door guy at our local leather bar said he would let our two underage friends into the bar. I mean, they are Marines and heading to Iraq in a few weeks, so the guy thought it only right to extend a little extra courtesy to them.
We had SUCH a good time. Ric, Grant, Nate, AJ, Jon and I had drinks, laughed and carried on, and even bid (and won!) on three of the models being auctioned off. Raising money for charity should always be this much fun. I won't say any more, because some things you just have to experience. But it was great fun. And having a non-drinker in the group meant no waiting for a cab. We strolled out of the bar and into the car. Convenient, indeed.

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