Friday, October 21, 2005

Unexpected Gifts

Im stunned. I went to my office staff meeting expecting to hear updates on policies, financials, and other items of note. That happened, yes, but the meeting ended with my boss handing me a check for $2,695. The money is a donation made by my co-workers and clients to help my Mom recover from Hurricane Rita. (She lost her house in the storm, but she and her husband made it through physically unharmed.) I cant explain how moved I am by this check. It will make such an incredible difference for my Mom.

So how does this fit into this blog? Part of maturity is understanding when you need help. Another part of maturity is having faith in your friends to be there when you need them. Today, I am reminded of both of these things. I am fortunate, indeed, to work for a company and with co-workers who support me as more than an employee, but as a person, too.

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